Why Yahoo Mail Just Isn’t Engaged On Safari?

can’t reply to emails or ship them for the past two days. I can read my emails but can’t respond to them or delete them. The emails remain in bold like they’re new, despite the fact that I’ve opened them. Desktop YahooMail not working accurately. Can’t click on emails, can’t print emails, can not delete a number of emails at time. Haven’t tried my pill, iphone email appears okay, however Yahoo on my desktop retains logging me out in short, random intervals.

They might go ahead and comply with the directions given under. I am certain these directions will assist them to fix yahoo lacking emails drawback. This afternoon my e-mail give up sending – a box shows up saying “there was a problem sending this message” – no error number. I examined on my Android telephone, and it is not sending emails either. This tells me it’s a yahoo problem and not a browser problem.

Repair Problems With Yahoo Not Working In A Cell Browser

For the final couple of weeks, yahoo mail goes to a blank display screen after I try to do almost any functions, corresponding to delete, open an email, send, and so on. Especially bad when trying to delete. Have to maintain clicking arrows and screwing round with it. Either work properly or close down. I am prepared to pay a fair worth for an e mail system that works nicely.

why is yahoo not working

Ridiculous that this downside has persisted for thus long with ABSOLUTELY NO COMMUNICATION from Yahoo. I’m switching every little thing to Gmail. Tire of email having pre-internet dates. No help at all from my service supplier.

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